Resurrected? We’ll see.

June 27, 2012

It’s been over a year since my last post, and much has changed.  I moved to the United States with my wife to attend grad school.  While here, we found a church that is to my mind profoundly engaged in the kind of faithful, Jesus-centred kingdom-building that should go hand-in-hand with belief in something called the Gospel (again, that’s “good news”).  But just being in the States in an election year inevitably gives a new perspective on the politics that frequently accompany evangelical faith.  It was interesting to watch the duel for the Republican presidential challenger, in which several Catholics and a Mormon tried their darndest to master evangelicalese and appeal to the broad constituency of the Religious Right.  While challenging an incumbent who has professed a faith that, in its conversionist overtones, is much more akin to evangelicalism despite being nurtured in the progressive (some would say “America-hating”) wing of the very socially aware African-American Protestant church.  While Obama is STILL ridiculously believed to be a Muslim by many, his rejection by most conservative Christians is probably better traced to his stances on abortion and same-sex marriage, which reveals just how strongly these two issues have come to be identified with real Christianity in the minds of many true believers.

I might continue writing and thinking on some issues that are currently on my mind, but who knows.